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The design and manufacture of hair accessories and shoes initially began as a “play” for the actress Katerina Savrani, in order for her to meet her own needs and those of the women in her environment. As the interest and demand grew, she discovered a very real talent in this new and exciting world of handmade creations.

While studying Theatre in Paris, Katerina had the chance to be influenced by and work with leading fashion designers like Oliviero Toscani, Irina Ionesco and Sonia Rykiel, gaining a lot of knowledge on the subject. 

Katerina return to Greece with fresh ideas

Her return to Greece finds her with a double professional identity, as she successfully combines her theatrical and television duties with the creation of her brand “Savrani Creations”, which covers a range of handmade shoes and hair accessories for bridal and other formal appearances.

She receives her clients by appointment in a wonderful neoclassical building in the historical center of Athens and discusses their personal wishes after taking into consideration the style of the bridal (or not) dress chosen for the occasion. After a thorough conversation and the first fitting, Katerina creates her highly custom-made designs.

Her unique creations, widely recognised by the famous heart-shaped logo, are available exclusively in her atelier and her clients’ trust and loyalty have deemed her one of the most acclaimed designers in her field.

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